The Manor’s Official Position on “Vox Adpocalypse” and YouTube’s Response

From the Desk of Julien McBain:

As a content creator on YouTube, the continued smooth operation of the platform is of critical importance to the Manor, the Trust that underlies it, and myself. As a creator, I have taken great pains to avoid, to the extent that is possible, politics in recent months, as the United States and the world as a whole becomes ever more polarized. It has become increasingly difficult to hold to this principle, despite largely avoiding social media platforms except where necessary. As a rule, the Manor avoids making statements regarding policy positions except where they may directly or indirectly affect the Manor or the Trust. There are people within the Manor’s small infrastructure and sphere of influence that span the political spectrum and have a range of opinions on virtually any matter of policy; while it may be a function of the feudal nature of the Trust architecture, this is something we at McBain Manor, and the McBain Manorial Trust, value.

Recently, YouTube, at the behest of creator Christopher Maza, investigated and demonitized another YouTuber, Steven Crowder. Along with the policy change that facilitated this, YouTube also demonitized dozens, if not more, accounts with content that broadly fit within the scope of hate speech, even if it was presented for historical and bona fide journalistic purposes. Their reasoning for doing so was incredibly vague, and has made YouTube the target of various influencers and journalists, particularly on the conservative side of the political spectrum.

The Manor feels the need to express that to its knowledge, none of its members, nor anyone associated with it, consumes the content of either Mr. Maza nor Mr. Crowder; nor are we interested in doing so. It is the Manor’s position that the entire underlying issue is infantile and the result of adults, namely the two content creators heretofore named, acting like children.

It is the concern of the Manor that YouTube has engaged in a practice that is concerning for the Manor’s commercial endeavors. It is the position of the Manor that YouTube is a private company and has a right to create terms of service for the use of its platform; it also has the right to police violations of those terms of service. It is also the position of the Manor that YouTube has an obligation to its creators to ensure those terms of service are clear, and that changes are not retroactively applied. As the primary content of the Manor is based in video gaming, and YouTube’s rules regarding speech that permits demonitization have been changed and presented in a very vague fashion, it is concerning that playing a game, where such language is part of the plot, such as historical or speculative fiction may cause the channel(s) associated with the Manor to be demonetized, should the Manor become for monetization in the future.

The Manor therefore expresses its wish that YouTube publish a definitive and precise policy that has express criteria for what constitutes content that will be demonetized. The current content, and YouTube’s response regarding this whole matter has deeply concerned the Manor, and we would like to see some consistency on the platform that holds much of the Manor’s future in its hands. If YouTube has decided that it is a publisher, then we as content creators deserve to have the rules plainly and precisely laid out, so that if a violation is made, it is clear why it was a violation. If YouTube is a platform, we would express that as a platform, policing speech that is not illegal may invite further regulation by the US Government, and should it be found to be classified as a public space and therefore subject to the First Amendment, policing such speech would be in violation of it.

By my own Hand,

Julien McBain, Trustee

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