The Importance of Desire

When most people think of desire, they often think of personal relationships.  Desire is desperately necessary to maintain relationships with your significant other, as without that desire, there is no effort.  What many forget, is that desire, as an emotion, is also the driving force behind all actions and achievements that we endeavor to accomplish, no matter what that goal happens to be.  All it takes is a single idea, desire, and the persistence to push through all adversity, to be successful.

Therein lies the issue, however.  Too many people see desire as an idle emotion, something used to long after a better circumstance and continue grinding at what they are doing without making any changes to their existing circumstance.  In fact, that is not desire, but a form of laziness; let’s call it pining.  Pining does nothing; it’s an emotion that wants success for no more effort than you are already giving, or without changing the methods you are using.  This is a basic human trait; after all, no one likes leaving their comfort zone. Comfort is an easy routine, acceptance of limitations and the socio-economic position that comes with.  For some, that means a good job, an average salary, a nice family, a decent house and a tight but functioning retirement. There is no shame in such a life, and to a certain point, it is a form of success, especially if the circumstance started from was poverty or joblessness.  There could also be other factors, such as mental illness, physical disability, economic downturn, disaster either natural or artificial.

That said, if you have the desire to go further, and the willingness to do what it takes to go one step further, you are doing a disservice to yourself, your family, and your community, if you don’t.  Even if it means only doing one more hour of work on a side hustle, or pushing yourself to do that extra hour of study for your night school, that effort will pay greater dividends the longer you produce that effort.  The most important thing of all–through the pain, tired, blood, sweat, tears, and late nights, is that you continue to persist through it all.

For those readers that are also Entropia Universe players, BIG Industries, that four person mastermind group that runs the most successful player-run company on Calypso would use the term “Embrace the Grind”.  This is vitally important to your success overall, as life itself is in fact a grind; but do not under any circumstance submit to the grind.  Instead of submission to the grind, you need to dominate the grind, master it, and in doing so master your own life.  The key to doing this is having the desire to do so, and coming up with a definitive plan to accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself–then hold yourself accountable.  

This doesn’t mean you tyrannize yourself either; don’t allow a failure to push you into accepting that failure as the final step.  If you fail nine times, try ten. When you fail, review what you did, what worked, what didn’t, and try again by strengthening what worked and omitting what didn’t, replacing what doesn’t work with new procedures or steps.  What matters isn’t when you succeed; or to a certain extent even if you succeed. What matters is that you never lose the desire to accomplish the goal you set, and that you never stop trying.

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